We are recruiting supporters
for the Okinawa Protest Advertising.
We are soliciting for members and supporters, whether groups or individuals,in order to enable us to carry out the opinion advertising in American national newspapers.
This page is the application form.

We are also soliciting for donations for this action through postal transfer.

Send a message to your representative in Congress!
Send a message to your representatives in the U.S. Congress to request Unconditional immediate closure of the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station without any new construction.
*Enter your name and zip code, and your message will be sent to your Congressional representative.

We need your support. Please join this action.

= Other options of application=

[About the Donations]
One packet for an individual : 1000 yen
for a group : 5000 yen

[ Postal transfer ]
Please apply either through the online application format or fax/ postal mail, and send your donations through the postal transfer.

Postal transfer account
The name of the account: Ikenkoukoku
Account number: 00920-3-281870
If you use the red postal transfer format, there is no commission charge.

[ Online credit card payment - Paypal ]
Wallpaper Download sales.
The wallpaper download page appear after payment, and can be downloaded wallpaper from the page.